XXIème Rencontre franco-italienne sur l’épigraphie du monde romain. Campobasso, September 24-26, 2015

XXIème Rencontre franco-italienne sur l’épigraphie du monde romain:

Evoluzione dell’organizzazione istituzionale cittadina in Italia e nelle province occidentali: dalla tarda-Repubblica all’epoca severiana.


Campobasso (Italy), September 24-26, 2015

Programma definitivo XXI Rencontre

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“Guide de l’épigraphiste” 2015 supplement available

In what has become something of an annual tradition that occurs each summer around this time, I will share my discovery that the newest online supplement to the Guide has been made available for free download here (near the bottom of the page):

And now begins the long wait until next year’s supplement is posted…

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Call for Papers – Ricerche a Confronto Bologna

PhD and Master students of the Rodopis cultural association, with the support of the Department of History, Cultures, Civilisations (Dipartimento di Storia, Culture, Civiltà) of the University of Bologna, announce a series of five seminars to take place between November and December 2015 at the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna.

We aim to support discussion and meeting among students of different provenance, interests and age: papers will therefore deal with ancient history, philology, archaeology, numismatics, papyrology, epigraphy, history of art, history of religion, anthropology, sociology, Byzantine studies, history of the near and middle East (in antiquity and in late-antiquity). Papers may be presented in English or Italian, in order to make the seminars as accessible as possible. 

The topic of the next edition in Bologna will be: Migration and Conflict: Documents from the Antiquity”. In a time of conflicts and misunderstandings, which are generated by the encounter of various population groups, this subject is of utmost importance. The phenomenon offers the opportunity to representatives of different subject areas to examine the issue from different perspectives.

The seminars will be held in Bologna at the Department of History, Cultures, Civilisations (Storia, Culture, Civiltà) on a weekly basis (on Wednesday afternoons) between November and December 2015. Every meeting will feature two presentations of 30 minutes each, followed by discussion.

Graduate, PhD and Master students are invited to submit a 200-250 words abstract.

Abstracts must be sent in an anonymous .pdf file (i.e. the file must not contain the name of the author) no later than 15th September 2015 to ricercheaconfronto@gmail.com (email subject: RAC 2015 Abstract; the .pdf file name must consist of the first three words of the title). 

A commission chosen among the association members will select the successful papers. Authors of the chosen abstracts will be contacted by 24th September 2015.

Travel and accommodation expenses will not be covered, but all necessary information and logistic support will be provided.

Rodopis will also release an informal certificate of attendance, if needed, at the end of the seminar.


Giuditta Mirizio

Alessandro Roncaglia

Università di Bologna

Here the publication of the 2012 edition:


For the italian and german version, use the link below:


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Book releases, with contributions on Near Eastern epigraphy

Posted on behalf of Irene Rossi.

A Pioneer of Arabia. Studies in the Archaeology and Epigraphy of the Levant and the Arabian Peninsula, in Honor of Moawiyah Ibrahim, edited by Zeidan Kafafi & Mohamed Maraqten. ROSAPAT 10. Rome « La Sapienza », 2014.

Arabian and Islamic studies. A collection of papers in honour of Mikhail Borishovich Piotrovskij on the occasion of his 70th birthday, edited by Alexander V. Sedov. Moskow, 2014.


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International conference 19th Rencontres Sabéennes

Posted on behalf of Irene Rossi

Thursday 18 June to Saturday 20 June 2015 – University of Pisa, piazza Torricelli 2

The conference will host papers on the epigraphy of Ancient South Arabia, on projects of digitization of inscriptions and graffiti from Arabia, and a special session to discuss the present situation of Yemen cultural heritage.

See the final programme.

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Arabian Epigraphic Notes

Posted on behalf of Irene Rossi.

The Leiden Center for the Study of Ancient Arabia (LeiCenSAA) announces a new open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the epigraphy of Arabia and its cultural and linguistic context: Arabian Epigraphic Notes (AEN, www.arabianepigraphicnotes.org). 

Arabian Epigraphic Notes is essential reading for all interested in the languages and scripts of the ancient Near East, and is of interest to students of Northwest Semitic epigraphy, Cuneiform studies, Egyptology, and classical antiquity. It is hoped that the journal’s accessibility will further help integrate the epigraphy and languages of ancient Arabia into the broader field of Semitic Philology.

Articles are published in early access format.  The first two articles of the 2015 issue of AEN are now online:

1.      M.C.A. Macdonald, On the uses of writing in ancient Arabia and the role of palaeography in studying them

2.      A. Al-Jallad & A. al-Manaser, New Epigraphica from Jordan I: a pre-Islamic Arabic inscription in Greek letters and a Greek inscription from north- eastern Jordan

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International Congress “INSVLAE: insularity, identity and epigraphy in the Roman Mediterranean“ (Barcelona, 5-6 November 2015)

Message from Javier Velaza Frías

Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce that our research team LITTERA will be hosting an international congress on November 5-6th 2015 in Barcelona. It will be entitled “INSVLAE: insularity, identity and epigraphy in the Roman Mediterranean” and will be devoted to the particularities of the island territories during the Roman Age.

Several plenary lectures will be held during the congress, run by some scholars who are recognised to be among the most expert ones in their academic field. Along with those, participants are welcome to submit their papers to be presented in the congress. Any topics related to the Mediterranean islands under the Roman Empire, mainly in epigraphy, but also in literature, linguistics, anthropology or archeology are suitable for submission. Apply at insvlae2015@gmail.com Please notice that deadline for paper submission is September 30th 2015.

We are addressing you to inform you about this upcoming congress and also to kindly ask you to transmit this information and make it known to your departments, schools and associations. Find attached our brochure and poster. Further information at https://sites.google.com/site/insvlae/

We hope this information was of your best interest.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Javier Velaza Frías

Continue reading

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SAXA LOQUUNTUR: Summer School in Epigraphy – Aquileia,17-22 Agosto 2015

Corso estivo di epigrafia – Aquileia,17-22 Agosto 2015

Program: italiano / deutsch

Registration until 30 July 2015

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Off the beaten track. Epigraphy at borders (Conference, Bari, Italy, Sept 24-25, 2015)

Forwarded on behalf of the organizers:

We warmly invite you to the Sixth EAGLE International Event Off the beaten track. Epigraphy at borders, which will take place in Bari from Thursday, September 24 to Friday, September 25, 2015.

Hosted by EAGLE (Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy), it is the sixth in a series of international events planned by this European and international consortium with the support of the Department of Classics and Late Antiquity Studies at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”.

The aim of this initiative is to create a shared space to discuss the issues addressed in digitizing inscriptions characterised by unusual features in comparison to the usual epigraphic habit. We warmly invite all EAGLE network members to attend this event in order to discuss issues and raise questions about encoding inscriptions different from those labelled as standard, starting from archaic times to the Middle Ages and beyond, even in languages other than Greek and Latin.

We intend to address their peculiarities that are due to specific carriers (material supports) and/or executing techniques, or also to graphic shapes, non-alphabetical signs, and generally visual components relating to the epigraphic texts.

During the event, the EAGLE Portal will be officially launched and presented to the public for the first time, together with the EAGLE Storytelling Application. A training session on how to use the EAGLE Storytelling Application will be offered.

Please circulate this information within your network

Thank you and Best Wishes!

Event website: http://www.eagle-network.eu/about/events/sixth-eagle-international-event-2015/

Hashtag: #EAGLE2015Bari

Please ask for any information to:

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Bertinoro 2015. L’iscrizione esposta

Epigraphica. Bertinoro 2015, Colloquio Borghesi

L’iscrizione esposta

Bertinoro, 4-6 June 2015

See programme attached


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Inscribing Space: The Topography of Attic Inscriptions

Workshop in cooperation with the Department of Historical Studies of the University of Turin

ZAW — Marstallhof 4, Hörsaal 513, Heidelberg

May 29th-30th, 2015



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EAGLE-EpiDoc Workshop 2015 – Bologna


25-27 maggio 2015

Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna

 Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà, sezione di Storia Antica

Sala Celio – piano V – Via Zamboni 38

Pietro Liuzzo (Universität Heidelberg, EAGLE Project, Rodopis)

Alice Bencivenni, Irene Vagionakis (Università di Bologna)

Giuditta Mirizio (Università di Bologna, Universität Heidelberg)



LUNEDÌ 25 Maggio 2015 (09:00-17:00)

09:00 Introduzione al corso (Alice Bencivenni)

09:30 General introduction to EpiDoc; Introduzione a EpiDoc, TEI e XML (Pietro Liuzzo)

10:30 Intro to XML (Irene Vagionakis)

11:30 The EpiDoc guidelines. I parte: trascrizione del testo (Irene Vagionakis)

12:30 Pranzo

13:30 The EpiDoc guidelines. II parte: indicizzazione (Irene Vagionakis)

14:30 Markup di iscrizioni: esempi completi (Alice Bencivenni)

15.00 How to use Oxygen (Pietro Liuzzo)

16:00 Hands-on work on IGCyr texts

MARTEDÌ 26 Maggio 2015 (09:00-18:00)

9:00 Dai file sorgente al sito: costruiamo un sito di esempio (Pietro Liuzzo)

GIT, FILEZILLA, Altervista.
 An online edition basic structure: HTML and CSS.

Get a basic result online edition from the source: transformations

12:30 Pranzo

14:00 EAGLE: vocabolari LOD, Wikimedia projects (Pietro Liuzzo)

Vocabularies management and indexing

Contributing: translations and images of inscriptions in Commons

16:00 PersName and SNAP:DRNG (Gabriel Bodard via Skype)

MERCOLEDÌ 27 Maggio 2015 (09:00-17:00)

9:00 Papyri.info e Leiden+ (Giuditta Mirizio)

11:30 Hands-on work on papyri.info

12:30 Pranzo

13:30 Pelagios 3 (Pau De Soto via Skype)

 Hands-on work



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Humanités numériques : l’exemple de l’Antiquité

Elena Pierazzo et Isabelle Cogitore sont ravies d’annoncer que le site web du colloque Humanités numériques : l’exemple de l’Antiquité est désormais ouvert. Vous pouvez le visiter au http://dhant.sciencesconf.org. Les inscriptions sont ouvertes aussi: l’inscription est gratuite et obligatoire. Vous pouvez également visionner le riche programme d’ateliers qui sont offerts par la conférence: http://dhant.sciencesconf.org/resource/page/id/7

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XLVI Settimana di Studi Aquileiesi

XLVI Settimana di Studi Aquileiesi
L’alimentazione nell’Antichità
Aquileia, 14-16 May 2015

Final programme attached

46 Sett AAAd 2015 web

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The BES Spring Meeting 2015

The BES Spring Meeting 2015

Dresden, Residenzschloss of the Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden – 9 May 2015

Final programme attached

BES Spring Meeting 2015 Dresden

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