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Celtic Conference in Classics, University College Cork, 9-12 July 2008

This upcoming conference features several panels and papers of epigraphical interest. A preliminary programme can be downloaded here as a PDF file: CCC Programme.

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New Reviews from BMCR

The following new reviews may be of interest to epigraphers: BMCR 2008.04.36: Review of: Sergio Daris, Dizionario dei nomi geografici e topografici dell’ Egitto greco-romano. Supplemento 4 (2002-2005). Biblioteca degli “Studi di Egittologia e di Papirologia” – 5. Pisa-Roma: Fabrizio … Continue reading

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Online seminar on unpublished inscriptions from Corinth

CurEp will soon play host to a virtual seminar on some unpublished Greek and Latin inscriptions from Corinth. The seminar will be directed by Donald Laing and Paul Iversen, with collaboration from Gabriel Bodard and myself. These inscriptions were unearthed … Continue reading

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Craven Seminar, University of Cambridge, 31 May-1 June 2008

[Edit: please note the comment below, which contains an updated programme and additional information.] Several of the papers in this interdisciplinary two-day seminar appear to be of interest for epigraphers. Here is the full programme: ‘Sikelia: Multilingualism and cultural interaction … Continue reading

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Oxford Epigraphy Workshop, Trinity Term 2008: the first three talks

This is an informal discussion group, which usually meets Mondays, 1-2 pm (bring a sandwich if you like). Venue: the first floor seminar room, Ioannou Classics Centre, 66 St Giles. Monday, April 28: Angelos Chaniotis, “Automoloi in Hellenistic Crete: A … Continue reading

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Inscriptions, language, and txting

Yesterday Mark Liberman over at the Language Log posted a short comparison of abbreviations in ancient Latin inscriptions, and the shorthand comminly used (and much reviled) in text-messaging and instant-messaging today (article titled “pont max tr pot lol“). While this … Continue reading

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Brigetio Tablet: another copy

Simon Corcoran writes: A second copy of the letter of Licinius on military privileges, previously known from the Brigetio Tablet (dated 10 June 311), has been identified on a bronze tablet in a Bulgarian private collection. He provides a link … Continue reading

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EpiDoc Summer School, July 14th-18th, 2008

The Centre for Computing in the Humanties, Kings College London, is again offering an EpiDoc Summer School, on July 14th-18th, 2008. The training is designed for epigraphers or papyrologists (or related text editors such as numismatists, sigillographers, etc.) who would … Continue reading

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Provincial identity conference, Seville, May 8-10, 2008

Announced via email from AIEGL: Congreso: “La construcción de una identidad provincial. La experiencia hispana” (Sevilla, 8 al 10 de mayo de 2008) Speakers Include: A. Caballos; P. LeRoux; F. Pini Polo; M. Navarro Caballero; S. Lefebvre; S. Marcos; F. … Continue reading

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Epigraphy Training, York, June 24-26, 2008

Practical Epigraphy Workshop 24-26th June 2008 Yorkshire Museum, York The British Epigraphy Society is pleased to announce a second Practical Epigraphy Workshop in York for those interested in developing hands-on skills in working with epigraphic material. With expert tuition, participants … Continue reading

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Ancient Graffiti in Context (call for papers)

Call for Papers: Ancient Graffiti in Context Workshop: School of Archaeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester November 8, 2008 This workshop will examine the spatial and social context of graffiti in the Greek and Roman worlds. Graffiti has been … Continue reading

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Seminar: Onno van Nijf, Liverpool

Epigraphy North, Tuesday 15th April 2008, 5.30 pm Professor Onno Van Nijf ‘Public space and political culture in Roman Termessos’ Bosanquet Seminar Room, 12-14 Abercromby Square, The University of Liverpool The Epigraphy North series is suitable also for students wishing … Continue reading

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BES Spring meeting, Durham

British Epigraphy Society Spring Meeting, Saturday 3 May 2008 Department of Classics & Ancient History, 38 North Bailey, Durham Religion and politics in Greek and Roman epigraphy in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean Main speakers & topics include: Professor P.J. … Continue reading

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Aelius Victor VSLM

Archaeology in Europe and rogueclassicism both alerted us to David Ottewell’s piece in the Manchester Evening News (10 April 2008) concerning an inscribed altar — tentatively dated to the late 1st century AD — found in Manchester. An image of … Continue reading

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Ancient Greek and Latin Inscriptions from Upper Macedonia, Aegean Thrace and Achaia … and more

The humanities components of the National Hellenic Research Foundation have released Pandektis: Digital Thesaurus of Primary Sources for Greek History and Culture. Readers of CurEp will be particularly interested in the collection entitled “Ancient Greek and Latin Inscriptions from Upper … Continue reading

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