More fragments from the Diogenes inscription at Oionanda?

Via Mondo Archeologia Glaucopide alerts us to a terse news item from ANSA: In Licia iscrizioni II secolo dc (with obscure photo; here via Yahoo). It reports the discovery, by an unnamed “team of archaeologists” in Lycia, of 26 fragments (some extensive) of text attributable to Diogenes of Oenoanda. I assume — and would be grateful for correction from someone affiliated with the excavation if I am wrong — that these are new fragments of the famous Epicurean inscription at Oenoanda (near modern İncealiler in Turkey).

If you can provide further information on this find, please post a comment.

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2 Responses to More fragments from the Diogenes inscription at Oionanda?

  1. Victor Walser says:

    You can find the – somewhat less ‘terse’ – official press information by the German Archaeological Institute on its Website (with several pictures):

    For more information on the works at Oinoanda – with a list of the cooperating epigraphists look at this site:

  2. Antonio Garcia Hurtado says:

    צ טפס טח מצע תפעי שם, Diogenes, Oeonanda inscription.
    We can have a list of the cooperating epigraphists working in confusion of aramaic epigraphy.

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