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17 October, 2008

Marcus Nonius Macrinus: the evidence

Filed under: news — Tom Elliott @ 17:57

Over at Bread and Circuses, Adrian Murdoch rounds up the (epigraphic) evidence for M. Nonius Macrinus, whose monumental tomb was recently discovered north of Rome and who supposedly inspired the main character in that Ridley Scott film from 8 years back …


  1. Adrian has now added a text of the new inscription from the tomb, following and modifying a first go by the Hungarian blog Sírásók naplója.

    Comment by Tom Elliott — 20 October, 2008 @ 16:57

  2. Dorothy King has now also offered a text of the Macrinus tomb inscription.

    Comment by Tom Elliott — 27 October, 2008 @ 14:27

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