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18 October, 2010

British Epigraphy Society student bursaries

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The British Epigraphy Society is pleased to announce a small number of
Student Bursaries of up to £100 to help with attendance at the BES
Autumn Colloquium
in Cambridge on November 20.

Students wishing to apply for one of the bursaries should contact the
Secretary by e-mail ( by November 1st with the
following information:

1. Name and contact details
2. Programme of study/research
3. A brief description (max. 200 words) of how attendance at the
meeting would benefit their studies/research
4. The name, position and e-mail address of one academic referee who
is happy to be contacted by BES
5. An estimate of expenses

Full information of the programme for the Autumn Colloquium can be
obtained from the BES website.

There is also a special student introductory offer for BES membership
available until November 30, 2010.

12 October, 2010

Joseph Ames’s sketches of inscriptions

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Along the many Greek manuscripts recently digitized by the British Library and made freely available online is one very nice Eighteenth Century notebook full of sketches and transcriptions of Greek and Latin inscriptions made by Joseph Ames (described as “bibliographer and antiquary” in the catalogue). Many of these inscriptions seem to have been on display in the English countryside, and are presumably well-known. (All page scans may be seen here.)

We’ve long been thinking about how to publish epigraphic notebooks of this kind (the example of Deering’s sketches from Aphrodisias was one suggestion for how to go about this). The fact that museums and libraries are starting to make these manuscripts available as-is–without additional commentary or scholarship–is already valuable.

11 October, 2010

Conference: Reuse of inscriptions (Madrid, November 16-18, 2010)

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16-18 de Noviembre 2010

Fundación Pastor de Estudios Clásicos
C/Serrano 107.— Madrid. Tlf. 915617236

Organización científica:
J. Carbonell Manils (UAB)
H. Gimeno Pascual (Centro CIL II. UAH)
J. L. Moralejo Álvarez (UAH)

Full programme and registration (PDF)

5 October, 2010

Seminars of epigraphic interest (UK+Eire)

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Several local (around Britain and Ireland) series of seminars have been announced recently, and the following are those individual paper which seem to be of particular epigraphic interest. Please let us know (in a comment) if I’ve missed anything.

5th October, 2010
Dr Graham Oliver (University of Liverpool)
Memory creation by inscription: autobiography, Lycurgus, and the shaping of Athenian history
Tuesday at 5-6.30 pm in the Bosanquet Seminar Room, 12 Abercromby Square, University of Liverpool

October 6th, 2010
Penny Goodman, University of Leeds
Urbis et orbis: the Boundaries of the City of Rome
Wednesday at 3pm, Room 101, Parkinson Building, University of Leeds

8 October 2010
Dr Nikolaos Papazarkadas (Berkeley)
‘The Epigraphy of the Athenian Empire: Politics of Approbation in the Ionian War’
Friday at 4.05 p.m. in School 5, in St Salvator’s quad, University of St Andrews

11 Oct 2010
Sophie Minon (Paris)
‘The “bilingual” inscription from Sigeion (IG 1[3] 1508): a linguistic and historical analysis’
Mon (3-5pm) Senate House G35, Malet Street, London WC1

28 October 2010
Dr Francesco Trifilo, University of Kent,
‘Traffic, congestion and the creation of public space in cities of the Roman Empire: the archaeology of the platea’
Thursday. 5.15 p.m., Cornwallis NW SR 10, University of Kent

28 Oct 2010
Ted Kaizer (Durham)
‘‘Familiar strangers’ – gods and worshippers away from home in the Roman Near East’
Thursday at 4.30pm in Senate House, South Block, room G22/26

4 Nov 2010
Massimo Osanna (Matera/Heidelberg)
From rulers’ dwellings to sanctuaries in Southern Italy: culture contact and cross-cultural trade in the hinterland of the Ionian coast’
Thursday at 4.30pm in Senate House, South Block, room G22/26

1 Nov 2010
James Clackson (Cambridge)
‘Local languages and resistance to Rome in Republican Italy’
Mon (3-5pm) Senate House G35, Malet Street, London WC1

11 November 2010
Dr Kyle Erickson / Trinity St David
‘The Origins of Seleucid Ruler Cult in Asia Minor’
5.15pm. University of Wales Trinity Saint David (Lampeter campus), Roderic Bowen Reading Room

19 November 2010
Robert Walker, Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV)
Favour-seeking behaviour in Hittite and ancient Greek oracular inquiry: Didyma and Hittite duddumar (‘favour’)
4.30 p.m., Senate House G35 (Postgraduate seminar, staff welcome only by arrangement with speaker)

26 November 2010
Luigi Prada, (The Queen’s College, Oxford)
Extinction and syncretism: Egyptian and Greek cultural interaction in the temples of Roman Egypt
4.30 p.m., Senate House G35 (Postgraduate seminar, staff welcome only by arrangement with speaker)

6 Dec 2010
Michael Crawford (London)
‘Could we ever write Das italische Staatsrecht?’
Mon (3-5pm) Senate House G35, Malet Street, London WC1

9 December 2010
Drs Ivana & Andrej Petrovic / Durham
‘Greek metrical sacred regulations and issues of authority’
5.15pm. University of Wales Trinity Saint David (Lampeter campus), Roderic Bowen Reading Room

14 Dec. 2010
Dr John Pearce (KCL)
Death and burial in Roman London
Tuesday at 5.15pm in Room B6, Classics Department, King’s College London

25 January 2011
Dr Christina Haywood, University College Dublin
Tomb-cult and social identity in the Greek polis. A case study from Kephalonia
Tuesday at 5.30pm in K217, Newman Building, University College Dublin, Belfield Dublin 4.

New edition of “Guide de l’épigraphiste”

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I guess this listing by BMCR solves the mystery of why there was no June/July supplement to the “Guide” this year:

Bérard, François, Denis Feissel, Nicolas Laubry, Pierre Petitmengin, Denis Rousset and Michel Sève. Guide de l’épigraphiste: bibliographie choisie des épigraphies antiques et médiévales. Quatrième édition entièrement refondue. Guides et inventaires bibliographiques 7. Paris: Éditions Rue d’Ulm / Presses de l’École normale supérieure, 2010. 448 p. € 30.00 (pb). ISBN 9782728804436.

For those of us in the U.S., what would be the best way of obtaining a copy? Thirty Euros is about $41, but Schonhof’s wants $72. (I am informed that this disparity should not be blamed on Schonhof’s.)

Rather oddly, the ENS press’s website still lists the old edition, so it seems this new one isn’t available for sale just yet.

1 October, 2010

British Epigraphy Society Autumn Colloquium

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Inscriptions and Construction

Saturday 20 November 2010

The Autumn Colloquium of the British Epigraphy Society has been organised by Dr. Michael Scott, and will be held at The Old Library, Darwin College, Silver Street, Cambridge, CB3 9EU.

Many of the inscriptions from the Greek and Roman worlds are related to the processes of constructing those worlds: the naming of benefactors, awarding of contracts, listing construction work still to be done, laying out of plans, etc. Such inscriptions play a crucial role not just in revealing the processes of ancient building and the socio-economic worlds of those involved in building them, but also in the formation of the perception and meaning of the structures themselves, as well as of the politics and economics that surrounded them at the time of their construction, repair and eventual decay.

The British Epigraphy Society website contains the full programme along with details of how to register.

Ductus Colloquium, Mainz, June 16-17, 2011

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Forwarded for Dr. Markus Scholz (

Association internationale pour l’étude des inscriptions mineures

‘Lesen und Schreiben in den römischen Provinzen –
Ein Überblick über die schriftliche Kommunikation im Alltagsleben’

‘Lire et écrire et dans les provinces de l´Empire romain –
Un tour d´horizon de la communication à la vie quotidienne’

16.-17. Juni 2011
Mainz, Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum, Kurfürstliches Schloss
Colloquium II de DUCTUS sous le patronage de l’Association internationale d´épigraphie grecque et latine (A.I.E.G.L)

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