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28 December, 2010

Recent BMCR Reviews of Epigraphical Works

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Reviving an earlier tradition here at “Current Epigraphy,” I’m posting links to recent BMCR entries on works with significant epigraphical content, going back three months:

Joaquín L. Gómez-Pantoja, Epigrafia anfiteatrale dell’Occidente Romano, VII: Baetica, Tarraconensis, Lusitania Vetera 17 (with the collaboration of Javier Garrido).   Rome:  Edizioni Quasar, 2009.  Pp. 313.  ISBN 9788871403779.  €47.00.

“It has now been over twenty years since the first volume of the series Epigrafia anfiteatrale dell’Occidente Romano, hereafter EAOR, was published. The founding editor, Patrizia Sabbatini Tumolesi, was convinced that a systematic collection and re-examination of the epigraphic documentation needed to be done in order to investigate properly many fundamental and sometimes neglected aspects of gladiators and gladiatorial spectacles (cf. EAOR I, 7). The latest volume is devoted to the three provinces of the Iberian Peninsula: Tarraconensis, Baetica, and Lusitania. There are two main parts: the catalogue of inscriptions (35-201) and 16 synoptic tables followed by a general discussion (203-224). The volume is rounded up with detailed indices (225-270), a line-drawn map of the Peninsula (273), and 40 plates (274-313)….  Although virtually all the Spanish inscriptions had already been published elsewhere, Gómez-Pantoja has been able to examine personally most of them and to republish them all according to much more rigorous criteria than we could have expected from Hübner and the other pioneers of Hispanic epigraphy.”

Andrej Petrovic, Kommentar zu den simonideischen Versinschriften. Mnemosyne, bibliotheca classica Batava. Supplementum, 282.   Leiden/Boston:  Brill, 2007.  Pp. xv, 345.  ISBN 9789004151536.  $134.00.


14 December, 2010

CIIP I 1 released

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Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palestinae

A multi-lingual corpus of the inscriptions from Alexander to Muhammad

Volume 1

Jerusalem, Part 1: 1-704

Ed. by Cotton, Hannah M. / Di Segni, Leah / Eck, Werner / Isaac, Benjamin / Kushnir-Stein, Alla / Misgav, Haggai / Price, Jonathan / Roll, Israel / Yardeni, Ada

In collab. with Heimbach, Marfa / Schneider, Naomi
With contrib. by Lupu, Eran

Hardcover | RRP Euro [D] €129.95 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 182.00.
ISBN 978-3-11-022219-7

erscheint Dezember 2010
Auch erhältlich als eBook

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