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28 August, 2012

CIEGL 2012 Begins

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The Fourteenth International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy opened last night in the great “Auditorium Maximum” of the Humboldt University in Berlin. The well-attended opening plenary session began with a series of welcoming remarks by Werner Eck (Chairman of the Organizing Committee), Stephen Mitchell (president of AIEGL), Jan-Hendrick Olbertz (President of Humboldt Univerity), Gunter Stock (President of the Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, and Ortwin Dally (General Secretary of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut).

The highlight of the session was an extended, scholarly narrative of the history of Greek and Latin epigraphic study in Berlin, delivered by Stefan Rebenich (Bern University) under the rubric “Berlin und die antike Epigrafik.” I learned much about the history of the discipline, and the formation and challenges faced over time by the great corpora (the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum and Inscriptiones Graecae). A key theme throughout Rebenich’s lecture was the effects of epigraphic study and scholarly community — negative at some periods, and positive at others — of national and international politics (and of politics both personal and institutional within the humanities).

This audience member, whose German experience lies almost wholly in the realm of reading and whose practice in same is rather rusty, greatly appreciated the model demonstrated by Prof. Eck and followed by Prof. Rebenich, of displaying the text of their remarks on-screen during the presentation.

The opening plenary was followed by a reception hosted by the publisher De Gruyter, which lasted well into the evening.

24 August, 2012

Pavement Signs Typology

Filed under: methodology,Pre-press — Gabriel Bodard @ 18:13

A typology for recording pavement signs.

Pavement Signs Typology (PDF)

Over many years Charlotte Roueché has been collecting examples of pavement markings, particularly at Aphrodisias and Ephesus: these have conventionally been described as gameboards, although only some of them were definitely intended for this purpose. The late R.C. Bell made a very large collection of such signs, and in 2007 they published a typology to be used for recording pavement markings and gameboards. This has now been enhanced with links to published examples, which are set out in the attached document, to be launched at the 2012 Berlin AIEGL Congress.

Colleagues are invited to provide references to further photographic illustrations, new designs to add to the typology, or any other suggestions or corrections. Please either make your contributions as a comment here, or email charlotte.roueche[at]; the aim is to develop a shared resource, and to enable better practice in the recording of such materials.

EDH – „Neue Suche“ online!

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Kaum wiederzuerkennen, aber immer noch EDH – und jetzt noch besser:

Zur Optimierung der Benutzerfreundlichkeit ist der Internetauftritt ( einem umfassenden Relaunch unterzogen worden. Zu den Neuerungen zählen …

  • Performance-Steigerung
  • Suche nach zwei oder mehr direkt aufeinander folgenden Suchwörtern im Inschrifttext möglich
  • logische Verknüpfung zweier Suchwörter mit „UND NICHT“ wählbar
  • lateinische Suchwörter mit allen Metadaten kombinierbar
  • Mehrfachauswahl in den Optionslisten der Suchmaske möglich
  • Suchergebnisse sortierbar
  • ausgewählte Metadatenfelder inhaltlich überarbeitet / mit verbesserten Abfragemöglichkeiten ausgestattet (u.a. „Material“, „Schreibtechnik“, „historisch relevante Hinweise“)
  • gegenseitige Verlinkungen der drei EDH-Teildatenbanken (Epigraphische TextdatenbankEpigraphische BibliographieEpigraphische Fotothek)
  • ansprechendes, zeitgemäßes Design
  • umfangreiche kontextsensitive Online-Hilfe mit Suchbeispielen und weiteren erklärenden Hintergrundinformationen
  • Bereitstellung der Ergebnisse in komfortablen Druckansichten

23 August, 2012

L’Année épigraphique 2009 available

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Mireille CORBIER, directeur de L’Année épigraphique (Paris), fait savoir que L’Année épigraphique 2009 (1838 notices, 876 pages dont 177 pages d’index) est parue en août 2012. Les commandes doivent être adressées aux Presses Universitaires de France :

Mireille CORBIER, director of L’Année épigraphique (Paris), announces that L’Année épigraphique 2009 (containing 1838 entries, and 876 pages including 177 pages of index) was published in August, 2012, and is now available. Orders should be sent to Presses Universitaires de France at

22 August, 2012

Blogging CIEGL 2012: invitation

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As in previous years, Current Epigraphy will be posting reports on the papers delivered at the Berlin Epigraphic Congress next week. Watch this space, and the CIEGL category, for frequent updates.

If you are interested in contributing to this reportage, please get in touch in advance so we can sign you up with an account on the blog, and in Berlin look out for Tom Elliott or Paola Tomasi who can give you instructions and a sticker to attach to your name badge. Reports on papers should not be too long; a couple of paragraphs is fine, and you may report either a summary of the argument and/or your own response to it, as you prefer.

2 August, 2012

Inscriptions in the Russian “Online Database of Ancient Art”

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I recently became aware of the Поиск Изображений В Античном Искусстве and its English version, the Online Database of Ancient Art, which presently includes records and images for 82 inscriptions (an English version of the search results is also available).

Ficheiro Epigráfico 100 (2012) released

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Via a post on Manuel Ramírez Sánchez’s blog, we learn of the publication of Ficheiro Epigráfico 100 (pdf), which provides addenda et corrigenda to previously published inscriptions, as well as indices to fascicules 90-99.

1 August, 2012

Inscriptions reported in Chronique des fouilles en ligne

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The joint “Archaeology in Greek Online” database of the French and British schools at Athens provides for keyword searching of the archaeological reports contained therein. One of the keywords provided is “find type -> inscription”. A search today, to which I cannot link here because search results are not returned with corresponding URLs, turned up 269 reports so categorized. The search form may be found at

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