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13 April, 2015

Gephyra 11, 2014

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Gephyra 11 is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Sencer Şahin.


Book Reviews:

  • Baldassarre Giardina, Navigare necesse est. Lighthouses from Antiquity into the Middle Ages, History, architecture, iconography and archaeological remains, Oxford 2010 – Terrance Michael Patrick Duggan

5 January, 2014

Gephyra 10 (2013)

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Book Reviews

20 December, 2012

Gephyra 9 (2012)

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Book Reviews

3 February, 2012

GEPHYRA 8 (2011) published…

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GEPHYRA 8, 2011.

Il cosiddetto «Ciprominoico 2»: Una decifrazione possibile? – Matilde Serangeli
At the current state of the studies concerning the decipherment of the so–called «Cypro–Minoan»…

Eumenes II and ApollonioucharaxPeter Thonemann
This article presents a revised edition of an important new Hellenistic document from Lydia,…

Three new sarcophagi from Kios (Gemlik)Enver Sağır, Hüseyin Uzunoğlu, Koncagül Hançer
Three sarcophagi (Fig. 2) dated to the Roman Imperial Period were recently unearthed in Gemlik…

The funerary inscription of Gaius TarquitiusKonrad Stauner
This article presents a fragmentary inscription of a Roman soldier named Gaius Tarquitius …

Parerga zum Stadiasmus Patarensis (5): STR 59 und Daseia von BondaSencer Şahin
The road between Myra and Limyra (STR 59) was not built along the coast, …

Parerga to the Stadiasmus Patarensis (6): Route 54 (Patara – Phellos) and new inscriptionsFatih Onur, Mehmet Alkan
In the field survey of the Stadiasmus Patarensis (SP) in 2009, the route between Patara and Phellos …

Parerga to the Stadiasmus Patarensis (7): New inscriptions from the territory of PhellosHüseyin Uzunoğlu, Erkan Taşdelen
Some results of the 2010 survey conducted in Central Lycia within the framework of the Stadiasmus …

Parerga to the Stadiasmus Patarensis (8): On the named places in the journeys of sacrifice recorded in the Vita of Saint Nicholas of Holy SionMehmet Alkan
This paper aims to determine the route taken by Nicholas of Holy Sion in his journeys of sacrifice …

Iulius Tarius Titianus, Proconsul of Lycia et PamphyliaNuray Gökalp
The inscription presented here was found in a quarter of Antalya and contains an honorary decree …

A Revised Gravestone from Pisidian ApolloniaAsuman Coşkun Abuagla
A gravestone from Pisidian Apollonia, published, with mistakes, by Sterrett, has been revised …

Zu Inschriften aus Kleinasien IIThomas Corsten
This article proposes thoughts and corrections to three inscriptions…

An interpretation of some unpublished in situ and recorded Rum Seljuk 13th c. external and internal figural relief work on the Belkıs (Aspendos) Palace, AntalyaTerrance Michael Patrick Duggan
This article is divided into four parts. Firstly, it notes the precedent provided by the conversion…

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