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24 February, 2008

Ephemeris Napocensis (journal)

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Only five U.S. libraries (and the same number of European libraries in Worldcat) receive Ephemeris Napocensis, which is an important journal for the study of Roman Dacia and includes much epigraphical content:

Title: Ephemeris Napocensis
Published: Cluj
Language: Romanian
OCLC: 35818737
ISSN: 1220-5249

24 January, 2008

Three rare journals/monograph series

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Three more publications that are unavailable (especially in the U.S.), and have recently carried some epigraphical content:

Five volumes of this journal published by the Istanbul museum now exist, but in the U.S. only two libraries carry it, and they only appear to have the first two volumes.  Apparently devoted to art and antiquities.
Title:  Palmet – Sadberk Hanım Müzesi Yıllığı
Publisher:  İstanbul: Sadberk Hanım Müzesi: 1997
OCLC:  46426349

This journal, which despite the title does run epigraphical articles, is not even in Worldcat (though two related book volumes are):
Title:  Kentron:  Revue du Monde antique et de psychologie historique
Publisher:  Presses universitaires de Caen
ISSN:  0765-0590
Webpage at which the table of contents for recent volumes are available (small, red link):

Also, this appears to be an irregular monograph series.  Worldcat shows that the recent volumes that have proper book titles and editors/authors were picked up by libraries (vols. 5, 7), but the ones that simply bear the series title were not (vols. 3, 6).
Title:  Daidalos:  studi e ricerche del Dipartimento di Scienze del Mondo Antico
Publisher:  Viterbo Univ. degli Studi della Tuscia
Distributed by L’Erma di Bretschneider:

22 January, 2008

Das Heiligtum für Isis und Mater Magna: Texte und Bilder

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Worldcat reveals this book, the source of AE 2004, 1014-1025, to be unavailable in research libraries outside of Germany:

Author: Witteyer, Marion
Title: Das Heiligtum für Isis und Mater Magna: Texte und Bilder
Published: Mainz am Rhein: Von Zabern: 2004
OCLC: 76510825
ISBN: 3805334370, 9783805334372

As with the books listed below, and others that we will start listing in this space as “Rare Publications,” it would be to our collective benefit for some of us to get our libraries to acquire such overlooked volumes.

CLARIFICATION:  If you poke around in Worldcat you will find other books by this author about the sanctuary, but these appear to be guides for tourists who visit the site, not the archaeological publication that includes an epigraphical section.

Ficheiro Epigrafico CD-ROM

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Not a rare book, or even a book, but Worldcat shows no sign of any library having the Ficheiro Epigrafico CD-ROM produced by José d’Encarnação and Joaquín L. Gómez-Pantoja, which includes in .pdf format issues 1-66 (1982-2001) as well as new and revised indexes and a concordance with AE, CIL II, and HEp.

Available for purchase from Dr. Encarnação. Information is at

21 January, 2008

Inscripţii latine din Dacia (ILD)

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The following title is not owned by any U.S. libraries, and is very rare in Europe. I am told that it contains Latin inscriptions that have appeared since IDR was published.

Author: Constantin C. Petolescu
Title: Inscripţii latine din Dacia (ILD)
Published: Bucuresti: Ed. Acad. Române: 2005
OCLC #: 162264466
ISBN #: 9732712260, 9789732712269

Inscripcions romanes d’Ilici, Lucentum, Allon, Dianium i els seus territoris

Filed under: rare_publication — Tom Elliott @ 21:40

Gil Renberg notes that the following work is under-represented in North American and European library collections as indicated by Worldcat:

Author: Corell, J. (Josep)
Title: Inscripcions romanes d’Ilici, Lucentum, Allon, Dianium i els seus territoris / Josep Corell ; amb la collaboració de Xavier Gómez i Concha Ferragut
Published: València : Nau Llibres, c1999
Description: 405 p. : ill., maps ; 30 cm
OCLC #: 51050034
ISBN: 8476425708

(catalog record via University of Cincinnati)

10 January, 2008

Journal: Gephyra

Filed under: rare_publication — Tom Elliott @ 15:27

Chuck Jones writes to alert us to a newish, epigraphy-heavy journal that may have escaped the notice of many. Chuck notes that the journal has no ISSN, and each of the three volumes so far produced has been assigned its own ISBN:

  • Gephyra. Zeitschrift für Geschichte und Kultur der Antike auf dem Gebiet der heutigen Türkei = Günümüz Türkiyesinin antik devirdeki tarihi ve kültürü için dergi, Ege Yayinlari, Istanbul (Johannes Nollé and Sencer Sahin, eds.)

Harrassowitz can supply it to libraries on subscription.

Indeed, Worldcat shows only one set in a library outside Turkey (DePauw).

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