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30 March, 2007


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In collaboration with the American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy, we maintain a collection of annotated links to online epigraphic resources. You can browse the links pages via the following categories:

Please note that our links pages are currently still under construction, and so content may be limited or out of date. Corrections and updates are encouraged.

Insofar as possible, pages describing individual resources are structured as follows:

The page is titled with the full title of the resource, with any associated abbreviated title following in parentheses.

The first paragraph of the page reiterates the title, and links same to the top-level entry URL of the resource. The nature of the resource is summarized, indicating especially whether it contains texts, images and/or bibliographic information and whether it is searchable or browseable or both. If the site characterizes itself and its content, this may be quoted. The first paragraph also identifies the resource’s editor(s) or creator(s) and briefly glosses its history and any past titles.

The second paragraph of the page characterizes the content of the resource more fully, and provides any available statistics (as of writing — a date that should be indicated) regarding the content.

The third paragraph provides an overview of the online functions or behaviors of the interface; i.e., what mechanisms are provided to users for discovering or working with the content.

The fourth paragraph assesses the usability of the resource, pointing out any exceptionally helpful or welcome features, as well as impediments to access or facility.

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