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13 March, 2014

Rupestral Inscriptions in the Greek World

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From Laura Gawlinksi on behalf of ASGLE:

Tomorrow (March 14) is the Open Meeting of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. In addition to a summary of recent work done by the School, there will also be a special presentation by Merle Langdon entitled “Rupestral Inscriptions in the Greek World.” This event will be livestreamed so that even those of us not in Athens can enjoy it. It will also appear on the website about 1 week after the event. More information here:

12 March, 2014

Roman Illyricum conference, Zagreb, September 22-26

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Posted for Dino Demicheli:


The Century of the brave: Archaeology of the Roman conquest and indigenous resistance in Illyricum during the time of Augustus and his heirs

Zagreb, 22-26 September 2014

More information, and downloadable flyer and registration forms, at

11 March, 2014

–Public Lecture: A new fragment of AE 1987, 464 (Pizzighet​tone, March 15th 2014)–

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Posted on behalf of Assessorato alla Cultura- Comune di Pizzighettone

**With apologies for cross-posting. Please forward to interested parties**

Public lecture:  A new fragment of AE 1987, 464, Pizzighettone’s Tabula patronatus. Epigraphical study and archaeological restoration of  the highlight of the municipal Museum collection.

Saturday March 15th, 2014, 4.30 pm, Centro Culturale Comunale di Pizzighettone, Via Garibaldi, 18 – 26026 Pizzighettone (CR) – Italy

Free attendance, all welcome!

You’re  warmly invited to the aforementioned afternoon event.

Italy’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Lombardia) and Pizzighettone’s Municipality are delighted to  announce the unveiling of a new piece of AE 1987, 464, a Roman tabula patronatus, restored and again on display to the public, thanks to the generous funding of Pizzighettone Municipal Council.

The lecture will be given by Paola Tomasi, epigrapher at University of Pavia and Genova, who conducted the study of the inscription, and Florence Caillaud, who will be talking to us about the restoration work she performed in her lab in Bologna.

Speakers include Filippo Maria Gambari, Head of Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Lombardia, and Francesco Muscolino, archaeologist at the same government department responsible for archaeological heritage.

The event is organized and funded by Pizzighettone Municipality, and patronized by Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Lombardia.

The lecture will be followed by drinks and nibbles. An exceptional opening to the public on Sunday, March 16th, 3-6 pm, will allow visitors to explore the museum’s collection and appreciate the display cabinet especially made to showcase the tabula patronatus.  

Please feel free to repost and advertise on the other relevant websites.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to address your enquiries to the following contact details:

Phone (landline): +39 0372 743347


4 March, 2014

INSCRIPTA-Workshop “Rome outside Rome II”

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INSCRIPTA-Workshop “Rome outside Rome II”
Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz, 12 – 14 June 2014

Schedule and contact for information:


Workshop on ancient wall-inscriptions

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(Posting on behalf of Rebecca Benefiel)

The Herculaneum Graffiti Project is pleased to announce its inaugural field program to take place on-site in Herculaneum June 18-27, 2014. Participants will receive hands-on training in analyzing, measuring, photographing and digitizing ancient wall-inscriptions. They will also directly contribute to international projects that are reediting and digitizing ancient inscriptions (Epigraphic Database Roma) and making cultural heritage more accessible (EAGLE Europeana).
The workshop takes place under the patronage of the International Association of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (AIEGL) and in collaboration with the Herculaneum Conservation Project. Please see for more information.

10 February, 2014

CFP: EAGLE 2014 International Conference (Paris 2014)

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Posted by request:

EAGLE 2014 International Conference on Information Technologies for Epigraphy and Digital Cultural Heritage in the Ancient World

September 29-30 and October 1, 2014
Paris, France

EAGLE 2014 International Conference on Information Technologies for Epigraphy and Digital Cultural Heritage in the Ancient World is the second in a series of international events planned by EAGLE. The conference will be held September 29-30 and October 1, 2014, in Paris. The event will consist of a number of lectures, panels and selected papers organized into several sessions. It is expected that the conference proceedings will be published with a major European scientific editor. The conference will also provide space for demonstrations and product display.

Keynote lectures will be delivered by Susan Hazan (The Israel Museum), Tom Elliott (New York University) and Thomas Jaeger (European Commission).

Conference website:

Important dates:

Submission of Panel proposals: 31 March 2014
Submission of Papers (full, short): 30 April 2014
Submission of Posters, projects, demos: 30 April 2014
Response to the Authors: 7 June 2014
Camera-ready versions: 30 June 2014


Registration is free and open through September 19, 2014


The event will be held in English.

For more information or to submit a proposals, visit the conference website.

3 February, 2014

Job vacancy: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Warwick/Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, Oxford

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A Postdoctoral Research Assistant post has arisen at the University of Warwick for the ‘Facilitating Access to Latin inscriptions in Britain’s Oldest Public Museum through Scholarship and Technology’ project, which explores the place of Latin literacy in Britain, the role of inscriptions in writing Roman social history, and the history of the collection and changing attitudes to epigraphy from 1683 to the modern day. Of equal importance is its objective to explore ways in which Latin inscriptions can be used to educate the general public, visitors, and children about the Roman world, using the Ashmolean as a case-study.

The job is 50%FTE, fixed Term Contract for 13 months, based at the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents/Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

You will work on the AHRC funded project, Facilitating Access to Latin inscriptions in Britain’s Oldest Public Museum through Scholarship and Technology.

You will create an Epidoc corpus of the Latin inscriptions in the Ashmolean Museum, based upon research carried out by the project’s PI, customizing EpiDoc XSL stylesheets. You will create digital images of the collection of Latin inscriptions in the Ashmolean: to carry out digital photography and Reflectance Transformation Imaging of Latin inscriptions in the Ashmolean Museum; and to integrate these images into the online corpus. You will explore using EpiDoc tools to create resources for the visually impaired. You will help maintain the project’s website. You will assist in in recording and editing project vodcasts.

You will have a PhD or equivalent in a relevant area. You will have a good knowledge of Latin, particularly epigraphy. You will have experience in XML; EpiDoc conversion tools (Crosswalker) and EpiDoc XSL stylesheets. Experience in Reflectance Transformation Imaging and website editing is desirable.

For further details of the project see here.

For the job advertisement see here.

30 January, 2014

AIEGL Call for a Virtual General Assembly

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The following notice, which was recently emailed to current members of the Association Internationale d’Épigraphie Grecque et Latine is reposted here with the permission of AIEGL President Manfred G. Schmidt.

In accordance with Article 6.i of the statutes of AIEGL, the President and Secretary General, with the agreement of the Bureau, call on all active members to take part in a virtual General Assembly (Assemblée générale) in order to vote on an amendment to this very article of our statutes.

The statutes of our association were drawn up more than thirty years ago, when the number of our members was still small and there was no way to communicate via internet. But exactly this means of communication is now an absolute necessity for an international organization such as ours, for which decisions affecting all members should be supported by a broad majority of votes. We ask you therefore very sincerely for your participation and a positive vote on the proposed amendment.

In February the Secretary General will send you a voting form with the text of the amendment as provided in the President’s “New Year’s Letter”, which we ask that you kindly mark (yes or no), sign, and mail (franked or unfranked) before the end of February 2014 to:

Camilla Campedelli
Deputy Secretary General
Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Jaegerstr. 22/23
D-10117 Berlin

All votes will be collected and counted by an election commission, according to our procedures. The result will be announced on our homepage as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance and all the best

Manfred G. Schmidt, AIEGL president
Berlin, January 27th 2014

László Borhy, AIEGL Secretary General
Budapest, January 27th 2014

13 January, 2014

EpiDoc Workshop, London, April 28-May 1, 2014

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We invite applications for a 4-day training workshop on digital editing of epigraphic and papyrological texts, to be held in the Institute of Classical Studies, London, April 28-May 1, 2014. The workshop will be taught by Gabriel Bodard (KCL), Simona Stoyanova (Leipzig) and Charlotte Tupman (KCL). There will be no charge for the teaching, but participants will have to arrange their own travel and accommodation.

EpiDoc is a set of guidelines for using TEI XML for the encoding of inscriptions, papyri and other ancient documentary texts. It has been used to publish digital projects including the Inscriptions of Aphrodisias, the US Epigraphy Project, Vindolanda Tablets Online and the Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri. The workshop will introduce participants to the basics of XML markup and give hands-on experience of tagging textual features and object descriptions in TEI, as well as use of the tags-free Papyrological Editor.

No technical skills are required, but a working knowledge of Greek or Latin, epigraphy or papyrology and the Leiden Conventions will be assumed. The workshop is open to participants of all levels, from graduate students to professors or professionals.

To apply for a place on this workshop please email with a brief description of your reason for interest and summarising your relevant skills and background, by Friday, February 21st, 2014.

11 January, 2014

CFP – ASGLE APA Panel, January 8-11, 2015 New Orleans, Louisiana, Deadline Feb. 1, 2014

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2015 ASGLE APA Panel
January 8-11, 2015, New Orleans, LA

Inscriptions and Literary Sources
Organized by Paul A. Iversen.

Polybios (12.10.4-12.11.2), in an extended critique of Timaios of Tauromenion, tells us that the Sicilian historian was famous for consulting inscriptions such as dedications, stelai in the back chambers of buildings, and even proxeny decrees on the doorjambs of temples, both to write his history and to criticize his predecessors, or even to correct city records. In keeping with this long tradition of relying upon epigraphical evidence, the Society invites submissions that illuminate the interface between ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions and ancient historical or literary texts. Suitable topics include using contemporary inscriptions to supplement or correct historical texts, or using historical texts to help restore and/or explicate fragmentarily preserved inscriptions, as well as using contemporary inscriptions to improve our understanding of the historical and/or cultural milieu within which literary works, including poetry, were composed.

Abstracts will be evaluated anonymously by the ASGLE Executive Committee and should not be longer than 500 words (bibliography excluded). Please follow the APA Instructions for Individual Abstract Authors and include the ASGLE Abstract Submission Form (found at with your Abstract. The Abstract should be sent electronically as an MS Word file along with a PDF of the ASGLE Abstract Submission Form by February 1, 2014 to: Paul Iversen, Vice-President, ASGLE at paul.iversen(at) All Greek should either be transliterated or employ a Unicode font. Authors submitting abstracts must be APA members in good standing.

6 January, 2014

5th International Summer Course in Greek and Latin Epigraphy, 12-23 May 2014

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The application deadline for the 5th International Summer Course in Greek and Latin Epigraphy, organised by The Center for Epigraphical and Palaeographical Studies at The Ohio State University, is
1 February 2014. Full information at their website.

5 January, 2014

Gephyra 10 (2013)

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Book Reviews

14 November, 2013

New Publication: Excavations at Zeugma

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Something which might otherwise fly under the radar: there is now (2013) a final publication by the Packard Humanities Institute of the rescue excavations undertaken at Zeugma. The 3 online volumes are accessible at and notably include chapters by K.M.D. Dunbabin on mosaics, R. Benefiel and K. Coleman on graffiti, and C. Crowther on the stone inscriptions.

29 October, 2013

Current Practices and New Directions in Digital Epigraphy

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Ljubljana (Slovenia) 19-20 February 2014 

Current Practices and New Directions in Digital Epigraphy is the first in a series of international events planned by EAGLE BPN. The event will feature presentations and hands-on workshops regarding themes of the EAGLE project, led by the project’s Working Groups.


Registration is free and open through December 15, 2013


The event will be held in English.

If you have any questions or need additional information,

Please contact:

Marjeta Šašel Kos

Pietro Liuzzo


16 October, 2013

New Blog: Anathema, News on Religion in the Hellenistic Period

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Not exclusively to do with epigraphy, but still a related topic: announcing the recent inauguration of a new blog on religion in the Hellenistic period. Much like Current Epigraphy, this will feature news, recent publications, external links, and other blog posts and discussions. Please visit the following link: Anathema.

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