New list: Apparatus Criticus

By way of a post to the Classics List, Chris Weimer alerts us to the launch of a new, moderated listserv called Apparatus Criticus:

Apparatus Criticus is an academic email list which focuses on the study of manuscripts and textual criticism. This includes the study of manuscript traditions, critical apparatuses, palaeography (paleography), epigraphy, the restoration of fragmentary texts, emendation proposals, and text-critical methods and applications.

Note that access to the lists’ archives are restricted to members only.

About Tom Elliott

Tom is Associate Director for Digital Programs and Senior Research Scholar at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York University. Tom holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Duke University and a Ph.D. in Ancient History from UNC. His master's thesis treated a class of late Roman census documents from the Aegean islands and Asia Minor. His dissertation assembled and analyzed the epigraphic evidence for boundary disputes in the early Roman empire.
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2 Responses to New list: Apparatus Criticus

  1. Chris Weimer says:

    After some deliberation and consultation, I’ve decided to open up the archives.


  2. Tom Elliott says:

    I think that’s great news, and applaud the decision. Archives of lists, particularly academic ones, are of great potential value.

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